Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) - 2021-11-21


Rodney ventured into novels


Popular journalist and dramatist Rodney Vidanapathirana recently released his debut novel ‘Charumani’. Rodney is well known as popular travel writer and the former editor of the Sinhala weekly tabloid ‘Tharunaya’. During his tenure at ‘Tharunaya’ he wrote about little known waterfalls of Sri Lanka and introduced many remote scenic places to the general public. He has written several interesting travel guide books and other travel related books. He is the lyricist of several popular Sinhala songs and that he dreamed of becoming a singer in his youth. Charumathi is his debut novel. But his versatile talent doesn’t stop there. He has made several feature films (including a pioneering martial arts film which has been lost) and a director of television travel programmes and tele-dramas. As he writes in the preface to Charmuathi, he said that now enjoys filmmaking more than writing. But this short, intense novel is written with a vigour which undoubtedly stems from the pent up emotion of his life. For more details call Rodney Vidanapathirana on 0777304005.


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